CGM Message

cgm message

Telecommunication services are key driver of economics and social growth of the country which is also playing a pivotal role for the growth of digital economy.
keeping in the view the modern communication systems, ALTTC Ghaziabad and All BSNL training centers are conducting various training Courses/Seminars/Workshops for the officer of the BSNL and other organisations including requirement of industry by imparting training with the required knowledge and skills. This website is a platform where one can get the information of the training courses being conducted by ALTTC.  We are also offering online training courses through the learning management system portal
I hope these courses shall be useful to the trainees who will be benefited with knowledge, expertise and training infra available with BSNL. As the telecommunication system have become the integral part of public infrastructures, we must strive to leverage technology to provide affordable, reliable, secure and innovative telecom services across the customer segments and to the public at large.