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Diploma in Telecom Technology and Management which it offers jointly in collaboration with NATFM and RTTC Hyderabad new

A course on "Online (E learning Course) IOT & 5G in AI Smart City" schedule from 15th to 26th March, 2021 new

A course on "Online (E learning Course)Block Chain, AI & SDN: "Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions for Smart Cities" schedule from 10th to 21st May, 2021new

A course on "Online (E learning Course)Ubiquitous Broadband for Future Generations" schedule from 21st June to 02nd July, 2021new

A course on "Online (E learning Course)BLOCKCHAIN: A New Weapon In Cyber-Security" schedule from 23rd Aug. to 03rd Sept, 2021new

A course on "Online (E learning Course)Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence: Rejuvenation of Life for Persons with Special/Specific Need" schedule from 13th to 24th Sept., 2021new

A course on "Latest Trends in Satellite Broadband Access" schedule from 04th to 08th Oct, 2021new

A course on "Smart Manufacturing: Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins In Industry 4.0" schedule from15th to 19th Nov, 2021new

A course on "Next Generation Broadband : Standards and Applications " schedule from 22nd  Nov to 26th Nov, 2021new

A course on "Trends In Cyber Security & Block chain Technology" schedule from 06th Dec to 10th Dec, 2021new